JavaScript: Under the Hood ( Beginner to Expert )

Learn advanced JavaScript concepts such as Hoisting, Closures, Prototypal Inheritance, Async JS, etc. by visualization.

JavaScript: Under the Hood ( Beginner to Expert )
[removed] Under the Hood ( Beginner to Expert )

JavaScript: Under the Hood ( Beginner to Expert ) udemy course free download

Learn advanced JavaScript concepts such as Hoisting, Closures, Prototypal Inheritance, Async JS, etc. by visualization.

What you'll learn:

  • Fundamental principles of JavaScript.
  • Visualize the underlying concepts when you code.
  • Understand the code execution by learning Hoisting, Call Stack, Scope Chain, Functional Execution Context.
  • Master functions by learning Closures, IIFEs, Callback, Function Statements, Function Expressions.
  • Understanding of the phrase “Everything is Object in JavaScript”.
  • Master Asynchronous JS by learning the full model of JS and Browser that powers modern web apps.
  • Understand Fetch API, Callback Queue, Microtask Queue, and role of Browser in async code execution.
  • Learn Promises, Then/Catch, Callbacks, and Async/Await.
  • Master ES5 OOP by learning underlying Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript.
  • Master ES6 OOP ( class, extends, constructor, and super in great detail ).
  • Understanding of ‘this’ keyword to debug confusing bugs.
  • Learn powerful JS functions like call, apply, etc.
  • Understand the difference between var, let, and const.
  • Understand the power of Arrow Functions.


  • Very basic programming knowledge (we’ll dive deep in all JS concepts)


According to the Stack Overflow, 2020 survey JavaScript is the most in-demand programming language. Also, with the rising popularity of React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, MEAN stack, MERN stack, JAM stack, etc. there is more and more demand for JavaScript developers. As a rule of thumb when there is more demand, the quality of developers gets compromised and that’s where this course comes for you.

In this course, we will dive deep into the core JavaScript concepts from the basics of JavaScript.  After completing the course you will be in the top 10% of JavaScript developers and in some concepts even in the top 5%. You can use this knowledge in your everyday job, give webinars, nail any JavaScript interview at any level whatsoever.

This course follows a different path than most of the online courses out there who teach you to just use JavaScript without understanding what’s going on under the hood. We will go through a different path and understand the concepts by visualizing through diagrams.

This course will cover advanced concepts ( by assuming you’re a beginner of course) such as Hoisting, Global Execution Context, Functional Execution Context, Scope Chain, Call Stack, Higher-order functions, Callbacks,  Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFEs), Closures, Asynchronous JavaScript in detail using Browser, Async/Await, Promises, Fetch API, Then/Catch, Callback queue, Microtask queue, objects and object literals, OOP using ES5 and ES6, function constructors, prototypal inheritance, class, extends, super keywords in detail, call, apply, and lot more.

It’s my promise to you that after completing the course you will be confident in your JavaScript skills like never before, you may even have more knowledge than your interviewer in some cases, imagine how great that is for your future. This could be the best investment for your career in terms of long-term and timeless rewards you’ll get.

This course is very comprehensive and detailed. You’ll understand every line of code with different diagrams and sketches that would embed the knowledge in your brain forever.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to be among the top 10% JavaScript developers.
  • Anyone who wants to visualize what they are coding rather then just doing it.
  • Anyone who couldn’t wrap their head around concepts like Hoisting, ‘this’, Higher Order Functions, Closure, Prototypal Inheritance, etc.
  • Experienced developers coming from different programming languages and frameworks.
  • Anyone who is working with React, Angular, Node but are not confident in core JavaScript.
  • Anyone who wants to nail JavaScript interviews at any level by understanding underlying concepts.
  • Anyone who wants to understand what they are coding in JavaScript instead of just doing it.

Course Details:

  • 4.5 hours on-demand video
  • 3 articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

JavaScript: Under the Hood ( Beginner to Expert ) udemy courses free download

Learn advanced JavaScript concepts such as Hoisting, Closures, Prototypal Inheritance, Async JS, etc. by visualization.
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